Threod is GOF 2.0 consortium member

GOF2.0 is a follow-up of the SESAR JU GOF U-space project, which successfully demonstrated the safe airspace integration of unmanned aerial vehicles in summer 2019. The SESAR JU project GOF 2.0 Integrated Urban Airspace Validation, with a consortium of 15 members, will focus on the safe, secure, and sustainable integration of unmanned aerial vehicle and […]

Threod Systems has stepped into the UAV launcher systems market

The 2nd Infantry Brigade of the Defense Forces supported the Police and Border Guard Board by monitoring Estonia’s southern border with a Stream C unmanned aircraft system (UAS), produced by Threod Systems to enable the detection of illegal border crossing attempts.

Estonian Defense Forces use Stream C UAV to monitor the Latvian border

The 2nd Infantry Brigade of the Defense Forces supported the Police and Border Guard Board by monitoring Estonia’s southern border with a Stream C unmanned aircraft system (UAS), produced by Threod Systems to enable the detection of illegal border crossing attempts.

Threod performed surveillance flights to detect emergency state violations in cooperation with Police and Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

In Järva County, the Police, together with specialists from the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and Threod Systems, practiced the possibilities of using drones, and for the first time, flights were made over the cities with our Eos C aircraft specially adapted for surveillance.

Threod supports local hospital with first ever drone flight carrying coronavirus samples

Eos C VTOL unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) conveyed coronavirus samples from Estonia’s second-largest island, Hiiumaa, for testing in Tallinn. The initiative was a joint operation organized by the North Estonia Medical Center (PERH) and Threod Systems.

John Cornish has joined the company as Sales Director

Threod Systems announced that John Cornish has joined the company as Sales Director.

Online UAS demonstrations and factory tour

Threod Systems is concerned with the current situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), and showing the utmost care for the safety of our customers and workers

Threod Systems Launches Two New Divisions

As part of continuous strategy and global expansion, Threod Systems announces Cloud ISR and Homeland Security ISR. Two unique divisions tailored to demanding market needs.

Orca 220 a powerful MWIR gimbal at the best price in the market!

Threods’ new product video.

Threod Systems secures 16 Gimbal deal with partners International Golden Group (IGG)

Threod Systems, known for rapid product development of UAS solutions, for NATO Class 1 fixed-wing UAV platforms, proprietary developed sub-systems and multirotors, has secured a 16 Gimbal deal (with an option for more) with International Gold Group (IGG) of the UAE.

Threods’ Stream UAV – the first drone to fly from Estonia to Finland

For the first time in history a drone flew from Estonia to Finland over the Gulf of Finland. As a part of the SEASAR GOF U-space demonstration trials Threod Systems Stream UAV flew over the gulf and landed in Torbacka, Finland.

SESAR U-Space demonstration flights in the Gulf of Finland

SESAR U-space demonstration in the Gulf of Finland (GOF) took-off in June. The Third trial exercise took place in Tallinn with Threod Systems UAS flying over the gulf of Tallinn.

From Production Automation to Drone Artificial Intelligence

As an employer Threod Systems offers engineers creative development possibilities. Monthly Threods’ engineers have time to develop and implement their most sophisticated ideas from production automation to drone artificial intelligence.

Threod Systems is expanding production facilities

Positive changes in the production unit will bring us the opportunity to improve our production environment and expand production capabilities. The production stream should become smoother and the previous spatial constraints should be solved.

Threod Systems in collaboration with Milrem supported British Army Warfighting Experiment.

For 4 weeks from mid-November to mid-December British Army organized an international warfighting experiment. The Experiment for 2018 was named Exercise Autonomous Warrior (Land). The exercise was held on the Salisbury Plain and the British Army Battleground. It brought together high-tech industry leaders in Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS).

Threod Systems STREAM C UAV has gone VTOL!

We are proud to announce that Threod Systems has successfully integrated VTOL capability into our Stream C UAV. Stream C is perceived as NATO class I UAV that does the class II job and with the new feature Threod is aiming for an utterly competitive position on the market.
The first public presentation of Stream C VTOL will be at the international defence exhibition IDEX 2019 in Abu Dhabi from 17th to 25th of February.

Estonian Defence Industry Introduction Day

This week Threod Systems participated in the Estonian Defence Industry Introduction Day. The aim of the event was to introduce companies engaged in the defence industry to Estonian Defence Forces, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of the Interior, Police and Border Guard Board, Centre for Defence Investment.

Threod Systems is participating in Baltic Miltech Summit 2018

Baltic Miltech Summit is held in Lithuania and is dedicated to military technologies and new trends in defence industry in the Baltics and around the world. It brings together high-level political and legal figures, representatives of defence industry companies and bright minds from high-tech startups in order to generate new ideas and discuss the emerging trends.

Threod Systems signed partnership agreement with Paramount Group

A partnership agreement was signed during the exhibition and accordingly, Paramount Group became the official distributor of Threod Systems in Africa.

Threod Systems supports the European Defence Skills Partnership

Threod Systems took part in the European Defence Skills Partnership 2nd workshop, that was held on 18th of July in Brussels

Threod Systems got the chance to support large-scale cyber defense exercise Locked Shields 2018

Threod Systems was a proud supporter of the cyber defence exercise Locked Shields 2018 organized by NATO CCDCOE in Tallinn. Threods simulators were used to imitate UAV-s in very complex cyber environment. Over 1000 specialists from over 30 countries were competing each other to defend their imitated infrastructure units. Teams had to run up to 150 systems and defend them against any cyber attacks.

UAV married to UGV at AWE 18

The British Army’s Armoured Trials and Development Unit is testing unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) together with unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) deployment from the Milrem UGV.

Threod Systems has a new look!

After 5 years of heavy focus on developing quality UAS, Threod Systems is maturing its approach to the branding, marketing, and other innovative facets of the business. 

Threod Systems was a proud technological partner at Locked Shields 2017 live-fire cyber defense exercise

Threod Systems was presented at live-fire exercise Locked Shields 2017 with 20 Hardware in the Loop simulators to give realistic touch to the event.CCDCOE was hosting around 800 participants from 25 nations all over the world, making it the biggest live-fire cyber defence exercise.

Threod System’s simulators being used in The Largest International Technical Cyber Defence Exercise in the World

Recently Threod participated in multiple tenders, one of the projects was the mini EOS UAS production for security services procurement. One of the success factors, that Threod offered to the customer, was fast product modification possibility.

Threods’ autopilot is now integrated with Sagetech Corporation transponder

Following an integration effort by Threod engineers of its TSAP-6000 autopilot with a Sagetech transponder/ADS-B Out, a UAS test flight was attempted and proved to be an unqualified success. As a result, Threod Systems can now offer this integrated solution as an additional customization option.

New communication solution from Norway

Yesterday Threod Systems performed a very successful test flight with UAS STREAM and integrated CORDIS ARRAY II communication solution in cooperation with Radionor Communication AS. A Norwegian company that provides data links for unmanned systems.

Unmanned know-how

Threod Systems made it to IHS Jane’s and reffered to as an unmanned know-how.

Threod Systems is developing bolt-on VTOL option for EOS mini-UAV

Threod Systems is developing bolt-on VTOL option for EOS mini-UAV. VTOL system helps decision makers launch the system in narrow conditions.