Threod Systems Launches Two New Divisions

As part of continuous strategy and global expansion, Threod Systems announces Cloud ISR and Homeland Security ISR. Two unique divisions tailored to demanding market needs.

COO Martin Jõesaar wrote “We have expanded our internal growth across all departments with key hires who have the industry understanding to compliment the addition of these divisions. The level of investment is unprecedented in our industry showing our commitment for success in these market sectors”.

Cloud ISR (

The ever-growing demand for UAS gimbals and sub-systems, has powered the idea, that has now become a reality, establishing Cloud ISR. Threod System´s subsidiary that focuses on making military grade and NATO compliant ISR solutions available to the law enforcement and commercial markets, both manned and unmanned.

The product range will include easy integrated powerful gimbals, payload solutions, ground data terminals, control stations, launchers, and other UAS accessories. As well as, training, consultancy and lifetime support.

Chief Strategy Officer Rory Bauer adds “These two new divisions compliment an already growing market share that Threod Systems is an integral part of. The divisions will allow customers the opportunity to have dedicated Gimbals and subsystems particular to specific project needs. Cloud ISR allows us to focus in the markets that demand the highest quality ISR solutions”.

The expertise of Cloud ISR is based on the formidable foundation that has been created and cultivated by Threod Systems. All Threod Systems products are highly interoperable, which gives the unique ability to create solutions for Cloud ISR that can be integrated into other UAVs, UGVs and unmanned systems effortlessly.

Homeland Security ISR (

Homeland Security ISR can now bring proven aerospace and defense unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) created for military applications to the growing security, law enforcement and commercial sectors. The vertical and straightforward focus on one specific segment helps to accentuate the specific needs of first responders and provide the right solutions for specific operational requirements.

CEO Arno Vaik writes “This has been long in development and we are pleased to enter different sectors of the market and diversify our vast portfolio of much needed products. With Homeland Security ISR, we focus all our professionalism and expertise in one vertical”.

The best practices and know-how of Threod Systems are carefully selected and tailored to perfection in order to provide first responders with superior solutions at unprecedented value.

Our company’s mission is to assist and support first responders to excel, stay safe and save lives, and to be “First Responder’s First Choice”.

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