Operational Service Contracting

Threod Systems provides fully integrated solutions for both government and non-governmental agencies for making their daily tasks easier and more effective. Additionally, we support our counterparts in ad-hoc situations where additional support with ISR assets is needed. Our UAV-s can be modified for cargo delivery in minutes providing the emergency support of essential life support logistics for remote areas in time critical situations.

Some of our counterparts include:

  • Military units
  • Police
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Boarder guard
  • Firefighters
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Disaster relief and pandemic support
  • Infrastructure inspection
  • Security companies
  • Other ad-hoc services

Military units

Threod Systems provides a service-based solution for military units based on their requirements in the environment they operate at. This possibility is commonly used before deciding on the scale and details of procurements in order to familiarize themselves with our products.

Our operators can be also included in different situations as advisors or instructors, if you already have a UAS capability from another manufacturer, but you feel that you can not get the maximum out of their capabilities. We can help to develop your SOP-s for both UAV operators and the intelligence officers who are giving tasks for the ISR units. UAS is as an incredible asset, but only if you utilize it in the correct way.

Some examples of units that we have provided support to:

  • Special Operations Units
  • Long Range Reconnaissance Units
  • Unconventional Warfare Units
  • Armored Infantry Brigades
  • Indirect Fire Controllers


Threod Systems provides a service-based solution for police and other law enforcement agencies in order to support real life operations and exercises. Scale of activities vary from clandestine surveillance operations of remote objects to tactical overwatch operations during high scale direct action hits.

Our UAV operators have an extensive military background with experience from different conflict zones, which makes it easy to integrate them in the planning of any mission. By having the boots on the ground experience, they can easily focus on the information needed for the frontline units.

Some examples of operations that we can provided support to:

  • Special Forces ISR and Direct-Action Operations
  • Convoy Security Operations
  • Crowd Control Operations During Pandemic
  • ISR Capability During Disaster Relief
  • Area Surveillance During High-Level Meetings and Events

Boarder Guard

Threod Systems provides a service-based solution for Boarder Guard Operations for testing our solutions or in situation where extra ISR capabilities are needed quickly in order to cover remote areas.

Search and rescue operations

Threod Systems provides a service-based solution for search and rescue operations even in locations and environments where manned aircrafts are hard to use. These include areas far away from regular rescue helicopters refueling and maintenance stations, meaning their on-site time can be very limited. Also, most of the regular aviation is strongly limiting their operations during high fog or low clouds situation which in some areas can be very typical.

This capability can also be used on during search operations on the sea. For example, on foggy days some smaller fishing boats can go missing due to equipment malfunctions. Threod’s mobile teams can easily identify them and lead the rescue boats on target or give them direction to the closest shore. Additionally, some emergency medical support can be delivered by parachutes for the people on the boats, if needed.

Some examples of operations that we can provide support to:

  • Finding missing people in the swamps and forests
  • Finding missing boats and people on the sea
  • Directing ground (water) rescue units to the target
  • Delivering emergency packages to remote areas
Threod Systems UAV Video Snapshot