Unmanned know-how

Threod Systems made it to IHS Jane’s and reffered to as an unmanned know-how.

“Although the company is only four years old, Threod Systems from Estonia has built up expertise in unmanned air systems, not only producing the vehicles itself, but also engineering the associated ground control systems, autopilot, sensor gimbals and engines. The company’s EOS mini-UAS has been used in support of ISAF and KFOR operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo, respectively, while its products are the subject of a number of tenders.

To date Threod (Hall 5, Stand J521) has flown five vehicle types, including the multi-rotor KX-4 and KX-4LE, EOS hand-launched mini-UAS, and the runway/catapult-launched Stream. The largest vehicle is the Theia, a wheeled 100kg UAV with an endurance of 24 hours and the ability to carry a 25kg payload. The air vehicle has been flown in concept demonstrator form as the Theia 1, and in the next few weeks the operational Theia 2 is due to fly, this version featuring a wider fuselage to accommodate a large gimbal payload. Power is provided by a 110cc petrol engine, a Honda unit rebuilt by Threod.

Threod has also developed its own gimbal systems. An EO/ IR dual-sensor system is for the smaller vehicles, to which a laser rangefinder and IR illuminator are being added yet still keeping weight below 1.5kg. A 2.4kg three-sensor payload is employed by the larger vehicles.

Related systems are applied across the family, including a highly advanced adaptive, triple-redundant autopilot.”  http://www.janes.com/article/61541/unmanned-know-how-es2016d5

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