Online UAS demonstrations and factory tour

Threod Systems is concerned with the current situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), and showing the utmost care for the safety of our customers and workers. In cooperation with our customers we have canceled all the demonstration flights as well as all visits and travels. Recently we have successfully conducted our first online demonstration flight with quadcopter Titan and Eos C UAV, and together with a virtual factory tour believe this to be the way forward during these difficult times.  


The situation in the world has changed the way we conduct business internally with organizations across borders. We must adapt and learn new ways of staying in contact and reaching out. In these hard times it is crucial to maintain good levels of communication and build uplifting virtual relationships within the company, as well as our customers and suppliers.  


If you have any interest in receiving an online unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) flight demonstration or seeing inside our production facility, please send an inquiry to 

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