New communication solution from Norway

Yesterday Threod Systems performed a very successful test flight with UAS STREAM and integrated CORDIS ARRAY II communication solution in cooperation with Radionor Communication AS. A Norwegian company that provides data links for unmanned systems. The data links provide long-range broadband connectivity combining high-definition video transfer with sensor control, mission control. The technology is ideal for combining connectivity for all mission-critical functionality for unmanned data links such as bandwidth control, priority for critical data transfer, error-free UDP streaming and latency control. The smart antenna technology has an additional option for high-speed tracking of the UAV with high precision, and can be utilized for satellite independent navigation.

The Radionor CRE2-179-AERO was integrated to STREAM UAS and 15th of September, 2016 Threod performed a 100 km test flight. The result was more than satisfying – Radionor datalink system allows to reach way better results than the relatively short distance covered yesterday.

Threods’ CEO Villiko Nurmoja comments that: “We had high expectations and the solution proved itself, without a doubt, more than positively. In modern, highly competitive market of unmanned systems it is crucial to develop cross-border cooperation and find partners that offer best solutions on the market, and we are pleased that we found Radionor.” By combining exceptional solutions around the globe, Threod aims to create best UAVs with features surpassing the competition.

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