C4I Systems

Threod Systems provides comprehensive software solutions for information collection, dissemination and distribution. Our products are designed to maximize the value of raw data by timely analysis, rapid interpretation and processing into actionable intelligence products.

Our team of dedicated software and communication engineers will be able to handle complex integrations and implement custom requirements to provide the end users with cutting edge tools.

Some of our projects include:

  • Integrations with third party platforms (BMS, communication systems)
  • Video storage, distribution and indexing with cross-referencing and search toolset
  • Interoperable communication systems (voice, chat, file sharing, map sharing) in a combined ground and aerial MANET environment
  • Fire support software for aerial FMV payloads
  • Intelligence reporting software with for aerial FMV payloads
  • Mission control software for ISR platforms
  • Unmanned aircraft command and control software solutions