Threod Systems in collaboration with Milrem supported British Army Warfighting Experiment.

For 4 weeks from mid-November to mid-December British Army organized an international warfighting experiment.

The Experiment for 2018 was named Exercise Autonomous Warrior (Land). The exercise was held on the Salisbury Plain and the British Army Battleground. It brought together high-tech industry leaders in Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS). The aim of the experiment was to implement and test new developments in unmanned aerial, unmanned ground vehicles and supporting software to reduce risk for the troops during combat. The equipment was given in hands of the soldiers. Developers and armed forces had a chance to work together in the toughest of simulated combat environments.

Threod System together with Milrem supported the exercise with our high-tech collaboration system Tethered Titan unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) connected to the THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).  Our engineers that were supporting the exercise commented that even though the weather conditions were tough (heavy rain and wind), the British Army was very impressed and satisfied with the result. Tether/THeMIS System worked during all active parts of the mission. Most of the time it worked as a radio-relay transporting multiple communication channels. It also sent the sensor imagery to the command and control center and to the soldiers in the field who had notepads in operation.

Lt Col. Nick Searle, CO of the Infantry Trials Development Unit, said via an MOD video, “The most important thing is about collaboration with industry, academia and some of our scientists to see if we can innovate together and try and develop robots and autonomous systems that provide us a war-fighting edge both now and in the future.”

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