From Production Automation to Drone Artificial Intelligence

As an employer Threod Systems offers engineers creative development possibilities. Monthly Threods’ engineers have time to develop and implement their most sophisticated ideas from production automation to drone artificial intelligence.

Drone Artificial Intelligence Threod

About the program

Threods’ engineers have vast experience in drone development. However previously everyone was always occupied with running work projects. The creative development program launched last year and already lead to magnificent results.

Since most of the employees at Threod are driven by devotion and passion to the drone industry. As well as, innovation, creativity and functionality. The ideas that are already listed on the table are real engineering and technological breakthroughs. Threod supports the process with time and resources giving full freedom in idea generation and realization.

Artificial Intelligence and other concepts

What concerns the projects they range from production automation to Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation.

Nowadays a lot of organizations are implementing AI and when it comes to the drone industry it is a perfect match. Most of the industries are moving towards new trends including military and law enforcement. It is inevitable that in the future warfare AI will become a real advantage and commonly used. At Threod there are a lot of ides on different kinds of sensor synergies, in addition to software and hardware upgrades. Most importantly the combination of all concepts would result in the AI UAV platform that is able to generate human-eye-like air data intelligence.

Some of the project are not directly linked to the drone industry. For instance, a super stabilized robot that can carry a full cup of coffee on 2 wheels platform. VR simulation or a “hybrid” motor hardware for small unmanned systems. A production “smart” machine application, that enables distance control and improved productivity of the manufacturing equipment.

Digital transformation

By empowering employees to develop and bring to life their most extraordinary ideas Threod motivates and encourages technological development. As a result, the ideas applied to the core business model will strengthen the industry leading position. Threods’ organizational trend is digitalization. Implementing new power values like decentralization, networked self-organization, transparency, passion-led and value-centric focus.

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