Threod is GOF 2.0 consortium member

GOF2.0 is a follow-up of the SESAR JU GOF U-space project, which successfully demonstrated the safe airspace integration of unmanned aerial vehicles in summer 2019. The SESAR JU project GOF 2.0 Integrated Urban Airspace Validation, with a consortium of 15 members, will focus on the safe, secure, and sustainable integration of unmanned aerial vehicle and […]

Threod performed surveillance flights to detect emergency state violations in cooperation with Police and Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

In Järva County, the Police, together with specialists from the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and Threod Systems, practiced the possibilities of using drones, and for the first time, flights were made over the cities with our Eos C aircraft specially adapted for surveillance.

Threod supports local hospital with first ever drone flight carrying coronavirus samples

Eos C VTOL unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) conveyed coronavirus samples from Estonia’s second-largest island, Hiiumaa, for testing in Tallinn. The initiative was a joint operation organized by the North Estonia Medical Center (PERH) and Threod Systems.

Welcoming the New Year and a New CEO

Starting from the 02nd of January 2020 Mr. Villiko Nurmoja is being promoted to Threod Systems supervisory board and handing over the Chief Executive Officer’s position to Mr. Arno Vaik.

UAV’s in the Search and Rescue Exercise

The Estonian Rescue Board’s Järva County Rescue Team, Ambulance, Police and Border Guard Board, Environmental Inspectorate, Defense League and EST-SAR joint exercise took place in Nurmsi, Estonia. The scenario was to respond to an incident involving emergency landing of an AN-2 aircraft and 5 skydivers. The aim was to involve as many parties and equipment as possible to evaluate the readiness and cooperation to deal with a high complexity event.

The GOF U-Space Project Outcomes

Recently, Threod Systems representatives, took part in the closing conference of the GOF U-Space project organized by EANS. Based on seven demo flights conducted during the summer of 2019, it was established that for aviation safety the cooperation between drone pilots, developers of unmanned systems, state representatives and ATM operators is crucial.

Martin Jõesaar on the New Position of Threod Systems COO

From end user to Chief Operating Officer position. Sneak peek into Threod Systems daily operations and a story behind of one of the top managerial positions.

Ämari Air Show 2019

Threod Systems took part in the Ämari air show 2019. The show also marked the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Air Force’s foundation. Quadcopter Titan performed a demonstration flight among 30 other aircrafts presented at the show.

SESAR U-Space demonstration flights in the Gulf of Finland

SESAR U-space demonstration in the Gulf of Finland (GOF) took-off in June. The Third trial exercise took place in Tallinn with Threod Systems UAS flying over the gulf of Tallinn.

Design Master Class outcomes and winners

Threod Systems hosted the design master class closing ceremony. The design master class outcomes and winners were announced. Participants presented their final development ideas and prototypes.

Estonian Aviation Academy students visited Threod

Estonian Aviation Academy students visited Threod Systems as a part of their educational program. 26 students from Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) and Technical Aircraft Maintenance (TECH) programs had been hosted at Threods facilities.

A member of Estonian Aviation Cluster

Threod Systems is now a member of Estonian Aviation Cluster (EAC). EAC is a non-profit organization that brings together aviation related industry leaders from Estonia. The aim is to reinforce cooperation within companies operating in similar applications, share experience and strengthen the position on the global market.

NATO’s 70th Anniversary

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Moreover, it is the 15th anniversary of Estonia joining NATO. To celebrate the anniversary, the Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association, in cooperation with NATO Headquarters, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education and Research, organized a public charity event.

Threod Participates in Design Master Class

Threod Systems is pleased to be a part of the Design Master Class. It is a project by Estonian Design Center and Enterprise Estonia (EAS).

Design Master Class – is a program for engineers that empowers new product development.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2018 was a great, challenging year for Threod Systems. It was full of events, demos, new developments and contacts. We would like to share a short video, summing up the year and wish everyone a prosperous and happy 2019!

Viimsi Highschool Students at Threod Sytems

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Threod Systems sharing experience to “Export Day” seminar

A Seminar „Export Day“ was held on the 30th of August, organized by the Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry together with the Innovative Manufacturing Engineering Systems Competence Centre (IMECC).

Happy anniversary, ESTONIA!

100 years of cultural freedom and unity has guided us to a new century where variable and rapidly escalating politics and technology lead the way. General Riho Terras said: "....independence and freedom of our people has never been self-evident and should never be taken for granted!" - today we are celebrating with Threod's team, but [...]

Threod Systems is now ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AQAP 2110 certified

Threod Systems has established quality and environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AQAP 2110 standards. AQAP is NATO standard for quality management system.

Unmanned know-how

Threod Systems made it to IHS Jane’s and reffered to as an unmanned know-how.

Threod Systems and Estonian Aviation Academy continue cooperation in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles

A renewed cooperation agreement was signed between Threod and Aviation Academy. Both parties share mutual beneficial interest in the fields of UAV technologies, aviation flight regulations and safety.

Threod Systems is celebrating 5th birthday

Over the past 5 years, Threod Systems has evolved from a brash startup to a serious contender in the commercial and military UAS market through rapid R&D and an ever-expanding portfolio of customers.

Villiko Nurmoja takes over the CEO role

Previously head of business development at the unmanned aircraft manufacturing company Threod Systems Mr. Villiko Nurmoja recently took over the CEO position.