Villiko Nurmoja takes over the CEO role

Previously head of business development at the unmanned aircraft manufacturing company Threod Systems Mr. Villiko Nurmoja recently took over the CEO position. Mr. Kristjan Tiimus will continue his role as the chief technology officer and the member of the board. Mr. Sten Reimann former CEO of Threod Systems will continue in Ukraine with his newly registered company Legio Group LLC and drive Threod products to the Ukrainian market.

Villiko Nurmoja comments that Sten Reimann has established a very strong foundation during the development stage and chosen an exceptional team of professionals. Company will continue to develop and produce unmanned aircraft systems and sub-systems. The next phase is to broaden cooperation network on the international market and to bring Threod products closer to the end-user.

Threod Systems was established in 2012 as a company specializing in the field of unmanned aircraft system development and production, by today there are five unmanned aerial vehicle platforms and multiple sub systems and support equipment, with the highlight on the optical observation sensors, control stations and autopilot, developed with support of the ministry of defense of Estonia. For instance, among other achievements, Threods’ unmanned aerial vehicles support NATO KFOR operations in Kosovo.

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