Viimsi Highschool Students at Threod Sytems

This week Threod Systems had a pleasure to greet and introduce our company to 11th grade students of Viimsi Highschool . Engineering specialization class, in light of an educational program that empowers students to visit successful Estonian organizations, chose us for their visit.

Our business development manager Kristo Kips gave students an overview about our company and products. Mechatronics engineer Kristjan Metsis gave a broader description on the development and engineering part of the UAV production. He also mentioned his educational background and the story how he got to Threod, which was motivating and inspiring. He explained that the main work principles in Threod are: develop, improve, document. Software platform was presented as well as the the whole process from an idea, to a drawing, to a physically built detail. We are proud that almost all elements of our UAVs and sub- systems are designed in-house. There is a lot of work behind it, but at the same time we are sure that we offer engineers a challenging work environment with plenty room for development.

We are pleased to share our experience and hopefully inspire students to study mechatronics, IT and engineering. UAVs were presented to our guests in the hallway of our office.

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