A member of Estonian Aviation Cluster

Threod Systems is now a member of the Estonian Aviation Cluster. It is a non-profit organization that brings together aviation related industry leaders from Estonia. The aim is to reinforce cooperation within companies operating in similar applications, share experience and strengthen the position on the global market, as well as attract investments.

Threod Systems is a member of Estonian Aviation Cluster

“Estonia is the world’s most digitally advanced nation. Moreover, it is a super-receptive test-bed for innovation in aviation or any other sector. With world-class human capital, unique digital capabilities and a competitive business environment. It is a perfect location for businesses with global ambitions in aviation. Aviation in Estonia has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. Noteworthy, during the past 5 years the value added has increased nearly 3 times. All companies, which foresee new business opportunities in aviation can join the Estonian Aviation Cluster. In 2019 cluster intends to extend its focus to other interlinked economic branches, “comments Kristo Reinsalu, the head of the Aviation cluster.

Threod Systems is proud to be a member of an on growing team of exceptional Estonian aviation companies that have already joined the Estonian Aviation Cluster:
  • NA Advisory
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