Threod Systems and Estonian Aviation Academy continue cooperation in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles

A renewed cooperation agreement was signed between Threod and Aviation Academy. Both parties share mutual beneficial interest in the fields of UAV technologies, aviation flight regulations and safety. Unmanned systems have been a highlight for the Aviation Academy students and cooperation will ensure an exchange of both theoretical and practical experiences.

A simulation environment developed by Threod has now been set up in the Aviation Academy. It allows to conduct training in unmanned systems operations on a totally new level, including UAV flight mission planning and UAS management. It can also be used for research purposes, system integration and testing as well as developing new solutions. Future plans are to create an unmanned aircraft test centre and prepare UAV operators to fly aircrafts of different categories.

Threod Systems performed a demonstration flight on Tartu International Airfield. A fully integrated system was presented: a tactical level air vehicle and a vehicle based ground control station.

In addition to Threod Systems and Estonian Aviation Academy personel, high-level guests from Ukrainian Antonov State Company were also present during the flight demonstration.

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