Design Master Class outcomes and winners

Threod Systems hosted the design master class closing ceremony. The design master class outcomes and winners were announced. Participants presented their final development ideas and prototypes.

Threods’ participation

“For Threod one of the most important lessons learned was seeing and evaluating the project from the customers perspective. Design master class emphasises the importance of involving end-users into the design process. Simultaneously, asking what exactly the customer needs,” comments Robert Jakobson Threod Systems Deputy Head of Development.

At the venue Threods operational team performed a short demonstration flight. Titan drone completed a short mission, equipped with the cargo drop payload, that is usually used for troops last mile support.

Design master class Titan drone demo

Outcomes and winners

Company Factory Seven won the grand prize 10 000 euro. They prototyped an industrial kitchen hood for large scale kitchens.

Design master class is not only about product development and its’ design. It is also about people and building better relationships. The program aids companies to build strong internal bonds throughout the team. As well as gaining and sharing knowledge with other participants.

According to Kaarel Mikkin, the design master class adviser, during the program companies consciously develop their products or services under the personal guidance of top specialists. “The design master class creates an even possibility to change the world either it is a two-man company from Hiiuma or a large-scale IT company,” said Mikkin.

According to Aigi Kukk, product development and design project manager at Enterprise Estonia (EAS), the developments of all participating companies were remarkable. “This time it was very difficult for jury to decide on the winner. The services and products presented were on the highest level. Some of the teams brought the ideas to life and developed actual products. Moreover, some of them reached first sales. The program has helped companies to define right targets, evoke motivation and provide the tools they need to develop a product more effectively through strategic design,” said Kukk.

Design master class 2019 Threod
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