Can you spot Finland?

This week Stream C operated over Gulf of Finland and beautiful snowy Estonia. Threods’ operators are extremely lucky. The landscapes they see through the first-person view camera are spectacular. While cruising at 4000 m altitude (FL 140), Stream C unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators spotted Finland on the other side of the gulf.

Finland, we can see you! Right there at the horizon.

Threod Stream C UAV seen Finland from Estonia

EOS mini UAS new milestones

Threod reached another milestone this week. The endurance of EOS mini UAV is now over 2,5 hours.
Moreover, EOS has new generation bungee launcher upgrade.
Threod Systems provides lifelong support and constant system upgrades. We improve our products to the highest technological standards. Furthermore, we make sure our customers get all the latest upgrades and perform operations with industry leading UAS platforms.
EOS mini UAV bungee launch
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