Threods’ Stream C VTOL published in Janes IDEX 2019 Show Daily

An article on Threods’ Stream C VTOL published in Janes IDEX 2019 Show Daily . Janes by IHS Markit is certainly the worlds’ leading magazine and online platform for Military, Defense and Security sector publications.


The news is about our latest development STREAM C vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). IDEX 2019 is the first show where Threod presents the new configuration. Noteworthy, that Stream C VTOL is already on Janes IDEX 2019 Show Daily pages.


David Donald, the author of the article, initially brings out Threods’ autopilot. Autopilot TSAP-6000 enables transition between wing-borne and rotor-borne flight. In-house developed autopilot has been one of the key factors of success for Threod. Foremost, it enables full vertical integration on all levels of UAS development.


Besides, there is a review on the technical changes. Firstly, UAV MTOM changed form 35 kg to 45 kg. Secondly, the endurance is 1 hour less compared to the classic model. From 6 hours to 5. Non the less, Stream C VTOL is capable of mounting heavy payloads. The main advantage is that “the VTOL concept increases the UAVs’ versatility.” – says David Donald.

Stream C VTOL in Janes IDEX 2019
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