Threod at Robotex 2018

Threod Systems is participating in Robotex 2018, which is held in Estonia for the 18th time in a row and is the biggest event of its kind in the world. It brings together best engineers, high-tech companies, freelance geniuses that present their brilliant breakthroughs in robotics. We are proud to be a part of it and we definitely have something to show.

EXPO visitors will get to see Stream Tactical UAS that is a powerful military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which is a NATO class I UAS that does the job of class II UAS. EOS mini UAV will be also presented with a very impressive payload capability for its’ size, as well as our drones Titan and KX4 Interceptor.

Threod is presenting real military equipment that is used in the field and is operated by NATO and in multiple hot spots of the world. In our booth visitors can get acquainted with our product line and get information on performance and usage of the UAVs on a totally different level compared to commercial drones.

A lot of people come to Robotex with children, families and youngsters and we are happy to share our knowledge with them. We encourage talented engineers to visit our booth. If you are interested in defence industry, military equipment and UAVs, please meet our representatives at the Expo because you might  get a chance to become a part of our ambitious and innovative team.

Robotex 2018 Threod EOS UAV
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