Threod Systems UAS on showcase at Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces exhibition

As part of the Estonian Defence Industry Association (EDIA), Threod Systems was invited to showcase its comprenhensive line of fixed wing and multi-rotor UAVs to domestic and international governmental military organizations.

More than 120 representatives were in attendance learning about the production and services provided by the Estonian defence industry.

Threod unveiled a number of new products that round out its industry-leading product profolio: Titan and KX4 multirotors, Stream C fixed wing UAS, and a number of new sensors and subsystems.  In addition, guests were treated to a sneak peak or Threod’s new VTOL product, the EOS mini UAV, which is set to be on the market in Autumn of 2018.

In attendance was General Riho Terras.  In speaking with General Terras, Threod learned the General’s opinion that two of Estonia’s greatest advantages are the Estonian people’s innovation and technical accuity.  Due to the limited resources of being a small country, it’s imperative Estonians become adept at devising solutions with what is available.  Genera Riho felt the vision and quality of Estonian engineers and entrepeneurs is truly unique and paves the way for Estonia’s future, keeping Estonia out in front.

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