Threod Systems at EW LIVE 2019

Threod Systems participates in the EW Live 2019. It is a three day live electronic warfare equipment demonstration event. Held at Tartu Airport showcasing a cycle of EW operating technologies.

A live COMINT & ELINT threat spectrum setting presents the threat context to current and new types of EW operational equipment.

Threod Systems displays Stream C and Titan multirotor in the exhibition area. In cooperation with partner companies Milrem and Glenair a joint demonstration is being held. Threods’ Titan KX-4 LE multirotor performs ISR functions and identifies targets. Milrems’ THeMIS UGV enters the battlefield and terminates the targets. While Glenairs’ STAR-PAN™ integrated with Threods’ and Milrems’ interfaces streams live video to portable remote video terminals. This supports troops and enables interoperability of every system in the field.

Threod Systems at EW Live 2019 Stream C and Titan
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