Threod Systems specializes in developing, producing, and operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) that are designed for information collection and exploitation in military, governmental and civil applications. Threod supports the decisionmaking process on every level of command.

Threod Systems is known for rapid product development and tailor made UAS solutions for small multirotors, fixed-wing UAV platforms, and in-house developed sub-systems.

Fully integrated UAS solutions:

  • STREAM C UAS – a 35kg MTOW UAV that operates over 100km LOS range and detects vehicle at 15km.
  • Mini-UAV EOS – an electrical mini-UAV that spots a rifle at 1000m altitude.
  • Heavy lift multirotor KX-4 LE Titan – the best multi-payload VTOL UAV in the market
  • Tactical multirotor KX-4 Interceptor – very capable dual EO/IR payload multirotor for quick deployment

In-house developed sub-systems:

  • Triple redundancy autopilot TSAP-6000
  • Training and Simulation Solutions for UAS operations
  • Configurable payload modules
  • Ground Control Stations and UAS Control Software
  • Ground Data Terminals
  • Gimbals and Gimbal Control Software
  • Signals Intelligence Direction Finder payload for UAVs

Threod Systems meets ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, AQAP 2110 standards.


Threod Systems is a member of:

  • Estonian Association for Quality
  • Estonian Defence Industry Association
  • Estonian Defence and Security Innovation Industry Cluster
  • Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Threod Systems partners in development: