Reliable long endurance multifunctional platform meant for operational and tactical information collection with up to 24 hours continuous flight time and 25 kg payload capacity.


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Robust and versatile unmanned aircraft system with over 8 hours continuous flight time and 6 kg payload capacity. 

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EOS mini-UAS

 Mini-UAV that brings tactical UAV capabilities down to mini UAV level. 

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KX-4 LE (Long Endurance) is a heavy-lift multirotor with multiple payload options. It is a perfect tool for surveillance, rescue and law enforcement missions.


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KX-4 is a highly configurable and easy to assemble multirotor platform for survaillance, military and law enforcement missions. 


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EOS UAV Fast Wing Customisation

23 November 2016

Recently Threod participated in multiple tenders, one of the projects was the mini EOS UAS production for security services procurement. One of the success factors, that Threod offered to the customer, was fast product modification possibility. Adjustments to the standard model were possible within couple of months and it met very precise technical requirements.

Since the UAVs are going to be used by the security service providers, the prerequisite was that the system should be very compact and fit into the small cases in order to be practical in remote areas and emergency situations. EOS now has shorter wings and thanks to the competences of our engineers the performance capabilities were almost unaffected. 


EOS Standard and Modified Wings

EOS UAV short wings

EOS 5 ina row UAV

EOS short wings packed


28 September 2016

Threod Systems has developed a new generation powerful light weight gimbal solution for multiple types of UAVs. Currently the DOME gimbal is used with the long endurance, heavy lift multirotor KX-4 LE , as well as tactical level UAS STREAM.

The main advantage of the gimbal is that it has two IR sensors, that allow to zoom in and display high quality images. It has superb destabilization algorithms, features such as video-lock and scene steering and many additional options. The sensor imagery is very stable and clear even with the maximum zoom, in standard configuration 30x for the EO and IR cameras are equipped with 25mm and 60 mm lenses.

The design of most of Threod products is very modular, which makes the new gimbal a universal solution and also add additional capabilities such as laser rangefinder, IR illuminator, Laser target designator, MWIR, LWIR, SWIRsensors depending on specific customer requirements.

Threod’s gimbal family is consistently growing and gaining popularity as separate product that can be purchased and easily integrated to manned, UAV or UGV systems.

For example, the main advantage of the HSG gimbal is its mechanical dual-side design. The gimbal uses direct drive stabilization with sensors on both sides of the stabilizing mechanism. This allows the overall height to be extremely low compared to competitive products on the market and makes it very easy to install custom sensors when the need arises.

There are multiple types of configuration options for the gimbals brought out in the tables below. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department

Threod Systems Triple Camera Gimbal feature comparison table resized

Threod Systems Dual Camera Gimbal feature comparison table resized

Screen Shot 2016 09 27 at 15.26.35 resized