Reliable long endurance multifunctional platform meant for operational and tactical information collection with up to 24 hours continuous flight time and 25 kg payload capacity.


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Robust and versatile unmanned aircraft system with over 8 hours continuous flight time and 6 kg payload capacity. 

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EOS mini-UAS

 Mini-UAV that brings tactical UAV capabilities down to mini UAV level. 

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KX-4 LE (Long Endurance) is a heavy-lift multirotor with multiple payload options. It is a perfect tool for surveillance, rescue and law enforcement missions.


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KX-4 is a highly configurable and easy to assemble multirotor platform for survaillance, military and law enforcement missions. 


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Threod System’s simulators being used in The Largest International Technical Cyber Defence Exercise in the World

25 April 2017

Twenty UAS Hardware in the Loop simulators are being used in the annual Locked Shields exercise hosted by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. The simulators will imitate the activity of unmanned aerial vehicles giving the exercise a realistic touch.

“We are truly glad and honoured that our simulators are used in the largest and most advanced international live-fire cyber defence exercise in the world. We hope that our simulators provide the security experts an opportunity to solve the event’s scenario in the best and most realistic way,” said Villiko Nurmoja, the CEO of Threod Systems.

According to Nurmoja, the simulator is designed to provide a cost-effective way for training the UAS operators and teams. In addition, the simulators can be used to give a realistic opportunity to test UAVs in different environments and weather conditions, and rehearse sensitive and high-risk missions in a safe, controlled environment. Furthermore, the simulators can give an overview of UAS concept and technical solutions, they also help to develop UAS operating procedures, reduce the UAS life-cycle costs and plan UAS missions.

In addition to the simulators being used in the exercise, Threod Systems is showcasing unmanned aerial vehicles EOS mini-UAV and KX-4 LE. Besides a supplementary simulator is available on-site where the participants and guests can test their skills and knowledge themselves.

Locked Shields 2017 takes place on April 24-28 in Tallinn, Estonia. Around 800 participants from 25 nations will be involved in this years’ event. The exercise is organised by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in cooperation withthe Estonian Defence Forces, the Finnish Defence Forces, the Swedish Defence University, the British Joint Army, the United States European Command, Air Operations COE and Tallinn University of Technology. Industry partners in the exercise include Siemens AG, Threod Systems, Cyber Test Systems, Clarified Security, Iptron, Bytelife, BHC Laboratory,, GuardTime and numerous others.


Simu karpSimulaator

Threods’ autopilot is now integrated with Sagetech Corporation transponder

09 February 2017

Following an integration effort by Threod engineers of its TSAP-6000 autopilot with a Sagetech transponder/ADS-B Out, a UAS test flight was attempted and proved to be an unqualified success. As a result, Threod Systems can now offer this integrated solution as an additional customization option.

Depending on the mission and application, transponder use with larger UAS represents the future of UAS equipage. Thanks to its popularity and increased usage, the UAS sector is experiencing exponential growth. Equipping every airframe will eventually become the rule-of-law in order to maintain airspace safety. By partnering with Sagetech Corporation – an established provider of high power, miniature avionics products, Threod now can offer its customers turnkey surveillance solutions that ensure safe UAS operations in shared airspace.

For flight test, Threod mini EOS UAS was equipped with Sagetech’s state of the art XPG-TR transponder/ADS-B Out, which is sufficiently compact for installation on a small UAV fuselage or even a multirotor (like KX-4 or KX-4 LE). The item is so small and well-designed that other aspects of UAS performance are unaffected. As proven in the pictures below, based on the  live global flight tracker service, Threods’ plane was continuously visible throughout its flight, thanks to its Threod/Sagetech integrated equipage. 


flightradar UAV transponder


flightradar UAV transponder 5 km

Sagetech Transponder EOS UAV 2

Sagetech Transponder EOS UAV