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Stream C – NATO class I UAS that does the class II job

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STREAM C UAS is a robust and versatile unmanned aerial vehicle designed to mount large payloads for a small class UAV.

For example, MWIR gimbal solution with Laser Range Finder, Signals Intelligence Direction Finder, Aerial Mapping Sensor.

STREAM C VTOL UAS  configuration is under development. Most importantly, VTOL brings a lot of mobility and convenience, especially in difficult terrain conditions. In addition, it enables the UAS usage in confined space, inside compounds and urban conditions. Moreover, it aids the operations in the natural environment like forests or mountain areas. Foremost, it enables operations from a battleship or a rescue vessel.



  • Brigade/ task-force
  • Special operations task group
  • Law enforcement and security services
  • Border security
  • Coastal defense
  • Maritime surveillance


Key features:

  • Over 6 hours flight time
  • Up to 6 kg useful payload capacity
  • Communication distance up to 150 km
  • Multi-sensor payload option
  • High quality video feed and on-board recording
  • KLV Metadata according to STANAG 4609
  • Up to level 4 interoperability



MILITARY: Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR), object tracking, force protection, real-time surveillance
GOVERNMENT: security services, search and rescue, border guard patrol, mapping
COMMERCIAL: power-line inspections, environmental research