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Small, lightweight, powerful and well stabilized dual EO/IR gimbal system for ISR tasks.

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Threod Systems offers customized gimbal solutions that are fully integrated with proprietary autopilot and UAVs. Threod gimbals are separate commercial products that can be easily integrated into any fixed-wing UAV, multirotor, UGV or any other observation platform.

Threod Systems gimbal solutions deliver clear and stabilized imagery that satisfies the most demanding customer requirements.


  • Gyro-stabilized imagery
  • Geo-positioning, geo-lock, video tracking
  • Moving Object Detection and tracking
  • Ethernet, CAN and multicast video
  • STANAG 4609 compliant KLV metadata
  • Redundant use of sensors


Additional information


1 kg


170mm x 136mm


Gyro and image stabilisation, HD video output, KLV metadata according to STANAG 4609, Selectable on-board recording


360º continuous pan / +10 degrees to -100 degrees tilt, Georeference imagery, Moving Object Detection

EO sensor

30x zoom / 2x digital, 720p HD video, Full HD 1080p sensor available

IR sensor

640×512 resolution, 8x digital zoom, Human detection over 1km, Vehicle detection over 3km


IR pointer / illuminator, Laser rangefinder

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