Robust and versatile unmanned aircraft system with over 8 hours continuous flight time and 6 kg payload capacity. 


STREAM is a robust and versatile UAV with both runway and catapult/parachute launch and recovery option. Five configurable payload bays make it an excellent platform for Surveillance, Situational Awareness, IMINT, SIGINT, LIDAR and aerial mapping missions.


Purpose: Brigade/Task Force Area of Operations, Law Enforcement and Security Services, Border Security, Costal Defense




- 8 hours flight time

- 6 kg payload capacity

- Launch-and-recover configurations: runway take-off and landing or catapult launch / parachute-recovery

- Multiple payload bays

- Effective counter UAV measures

- Low radar signature



AES-256 encrypted telemetry, imagery and voice


Command and Control

Handheld or Fixed Ground Control Station



-              Up to NATO Level 5 Interoperability

-              Remote Video Terminal

-              STANAG 4609 compliant KLV metadata


Tecnical details 


4-stroke 50cc gasoline engine, 12V/24V 350W generator
Dimensions 3,5 m wingspan; 2,2 m long
Weight 6kg payload (up to 5L fuel), MTOW 26kg
Endurance 8h
Airspeed 80-130 km/h
Operational ceiling 500-2000 m
Flight readiness Less than 30 minutes

Standard payload

(custom solutions on demand)

Triple EO/IR/IR gimbal

  • EO sensor: 30x optical zoom, 720p HD
  • IR sensor 1: TAU2 640x480, 25 mm lens
  • IR sensor 2: TAU2 640x480, 60 mm lens 


  • Gyro stabilized imagery
  • Geo-referenced images
  • Target tracking, Geo-locking
  • Moving Object Detection and Tracking

Optional:  Laser rangefinder, IR illuminator, Laser target designator


(Line of Sight)

100-120 km (LOS)

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) 

Encryption: AES-256

Automatic tracking


Triple redundancy autopilot each with separate AHRS and barometric sensor, dual airspeed sensors, dual GPS sensors.  Extendable dual CANaerospace bus, supports multiple data links.

  • Automatic takeoff and landing
  • Automatic navigation between user-defined waypoints
  • Real-time modification of waypoints
  • Loiter modes
  • Scan patterns
  • Emergency contingency routes and landing areas
  • Warning displays
  • Special Counter UAV resistance measures
  • GPS; GLONASS; INS navigation

DGPS and RTK GPS for enhanced position accuracy.

Onboard high performance MEMS IMU for orientation.




5 configurable payload bays





Ground Data Terminal

Threod developed the Ground Data Terminal in order to support our Stream UAV in the best possible manner and surpass the competiotion by exceeding the operational possibilities to the best possible outcomes. 

  • Ground Data Terminal allows UAV operations up to 80-150 km
  • Automatic tracking system follows UAV flight (360 degrees)
  • Encrypted UAV C2 and video downlink
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum and AES256 encryption



UAV Launching System – ULS

UAV Launching System (ULS) provides flexibility, high mobility and independence in UAV operations. Threod developed the catapult the way that supports proficient and quick launch of UAVs with take-off mass of 30kg. It can be assembled and mission ready in several minutes on the field. 

  • Rugged carbon fiber / aluminum structure
  • Modular design: 3 sections, each 2 m long
  • Simple and quick assembly in any weather condition
  • Maximum take-off mass 30 kg
  • Maximum speed 25 m/s
  • BLDC motor powered compressor


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