STABILIZED DUAL-CAMERA GIMBAL HSG. This gimbal is EOS mini-UAV and KX-4 Interceptor multirotor standard payload and also available as a standalone product.

Roll-tilt gyro-stabilized gimbal with both a daylight zoom camera and a fixed lens IR camera.

  •  Geo-positioning, geo-lock and video tracking features
  •  Modular sensor mounts to allow fast sensor upgrades
  •  Suitable for mini-UAVs and multirotors

Live geo-referenced video is streamed down via the digital data link to the hand-held control station. The imagery can be shared with other users by means of optional video terminals. The range of the hand-held module can be increased by means of an external communication module with an amplifier and a larger antenna.

Separate roll stabilized geo-referenced photo camera payload is also available for mapping and surveying applications.

In addition to the SWIR/LWIR and EO camera, it is equipped with an IR illuminator and laser rangefinder that further extends the functionality of the product.

  • EO camera with 30x optical zoom 
  • IR camera, 640x480 resolution
  • Weight 1000 g

The main advantage of the HSG gimbal is its mechanical dual-side design. The gimbal uses direct drive stabilization with sensors on both sides of the stabilizing mechanism. This allows the overall height to be extremely low compared to competitive products on the market and makes it very easy to install custom sensors when the need arises. 


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