Members of Threod Systems represented as Soldiers of Peace International Association (SPIA) Adviser for UAV issues take part in the HUMANITARIAN UAV CODE OF CONDUCT & GUIDELINES DISCUSSION.
Organized by PHAP (Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection) in collaboration with UAViators, UNOCHA and the World Humanitarian Summit.

Watch Threod Systems KX-4 Tactical Multirotor UAS video that operates in any weather conditions has 40 min. endurance and 1.5 kg. payload.

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KX-4 with E/O 36x zoom and I/R cameras, is a highly configurable and easy to assemble platform.


  • Geo-locating
  • Geo-positioning
  • Video tracking

On April 24-26 the Estonian Defence League organised HUNT military exercises, which Threod Systems participated in. To perform IMINT tasks the military units had 2 different class UAVs at their disposal: a small hand launched EOS mini-UAV and a tactical STREAM UAS.

In July 2015 Prime Minister of Estonia TaaviRõivas visited Threod Systems and got acquainted with our unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). It was acknowledged that Threod Systems is a good example of an Estonian business entity that includes a combination of IT and mechatronic expertise on a very high level, as well as the capability to produce specific innovative technologies in a manufacturing niche.

Watch live how our simulation and training centre works