A member of Estonian Aviation Cluster

Threod Systems is now a member of Estonian Aviation Cluster (EAC). EAC is a non-profit organization that brings together aviation related industry leaders from Estonia. The aim is to reinforce cooperation within companies operating in similar applications, share experience and strengthen the position on the global market.

Threod Systems at Spring Storm 2019

Traditionally Threod Systems participated in Spring Storm 2019. A large-scale live exercise of the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF), with participation from NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence and other Allied forces.

Stream C UAV Performance at Artillery Battalion Live-Fire Exercise

Stream C UAV performed at Artillery Battalion Live-fire exercise to support Artillery Battalion soldiers that practiced shooting 155mm howitzers from multiple firing positions. Stream C UAV supported the Forward Observers training. The UAV system identified targets, adjusted fire and ran battle damage assessment after every successful fire mission.

Level I Technicians Training in Greece

Threods’ training and flight operations team conducted the level I EOS mini-UAV technician training. Firefighters from the 1st Disaster Response Special Unit (Hellenic Fire Service – HFS, Greece) successfully passed the course and are now certified specialist.

Threod Systems at EW LIVE 2019

Threod Systems participates in the EW Live 2019. It is a three day live electronic warfare equipment demonstration event. Held at Tartu Airport showcasing a cycle of EW operating technologies.

NATO’s 70th Anniversary

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Moreover, it is the 15th anniversary of Estonia joining NATO. To celebrate the anniversary, the Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association, in cooperation with NATO Headquarters, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education and Research, organized a public charity event.

Threod Systems participates in AUVSI XPONENTIAL exhibition

Threod Systems participates in AUVSI XPONENTIAL exhibition in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The event takes place from 30th of April to 2nd of May. If you happen to take part in the event, we welcome you meet us at our stand 3636.

CHOD visits Threod Systems

Commander of the Estonian Defense Forces Major General Martin Herem and Commander of the Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces Brigadier General Veiko-Vello Palm visited Threod Systems.
During the visit of Major General Martin Herem and Brigadier General Veiko-Vello Palm recent unmanned aircraft system (UAS) industry developments, cooperation opportunities and possible exploitation of the systems by the Estonian Defence Forces were discussed.

Threods’ Stream C VTOL published in Janes IDEX 2019 Show Daily

An article on Threods’ Stream C VTOL published in Janes IDEX 2019 Show Daily . IDEX is the first show where Threod presents the new configuration. Noteworthy, that Stream C VTOL is already on Janes IDEX 2019 Show Daily pages.

Can you spot Finland?

While cruising at 4000 m altitude, Stream C unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators spotted Finland on the other side of the gulf.